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Gucci Black GG Canvas Abbey

Gucci Black GG Canvas Abbey

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Gucci Black GG Canvas Handbag

Discover the ultimate symbol of luxury and elegance with the Gucci Black GG Canvas Abbey handbag. This bag embodies the quintessence of sophisticated style and artisanal quality of the Gucci house.

Main Features :

  • Model: The Black GG Canvas Abbey model features Gucci's prestigious GG monogram in an elegant black palette, enhanced with silver details.
  • Material: Made with premium canvas and leather details, it guarantees remarkable longevity.
  • Color: The black monogram and silver details give this bag a refined look, adding a touch of modernity to its classic aesthetic.
  • Dimensions:
    • Height: 25 cm
    • Length: 29cm
    • Width: 10cm

Opt for Italian excellence with the Gucci Black GG Canvas Abbey handbag, and let yourself be seduced by its charm.

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