Release Vintage is an independent French boutique specializing in the sale of second-hand luxury accessories. Our mission is to make luxury accessible to everyone by offering a selection of vintage, authentic pieces in very good condition.

Our values

We know how prevalent counterfeiting is in the luxury market today, which is why authenticity is the most important value to us. All our parts are subject to very strict control by our team. This check also allows our team to accurately establish the condition of the product and to inform you of each defect, no matter how small.

For us, luxury is not just a product, it is also the experience surrounding it. It is with this vision that we offer you a fast delivery service, with a shipping time of less than 24 hours and real-time tracking of the package in your mailbox for perfect traceability. The payment methods have also been examined and tested to guarantee you a secure payment.

If you encounter a problem or wish to ask us a question, you can contact our after-sales service who will respond to you as soon as possible.

After-sales service


Our projects

The development of Release is the thing that matters most to us, it is divided into 3 main areas:

- Today, our main objective is to develop the women's range by offering a greater diversity of products and brands to offer you an even wider choice.

- Release was created to make luxury accessible to everyone, which is why our second objective is to create a range for men while remaining within the same values.

- Our final goal is to open our boutique, to have a place where we can finally exchange ideas, advise you and share our passion for luxury with you.