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Gucci Canvas Sherry Line GG

Gucci Canvas Sherry Line GG

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Gucci Canvas Sherry Line GG bag

The Gucci Canvas Sherry Line GG handbag was inspired by the shape of a tote bag. Less bulky and less rigid than a tote bag, the Sherry Line keeps the shape of a tote with the practical side of a handbag.

Main Features :

  • Model: The Canvas Sherry Line GG model features a refined and versatile design, showcasing Gucci's iconic GG monogram.
  • Material: Made from high-quality canvas and leather, this bag offers a perfect combination of durability and sophistication.
  • Color: In a stylish beige and brown palette, this bag goes perfectly with any outfit, adding a touch of distinguished style to your look.
  • Condition: Despite a few damaged corners, this bag retains its charm and functionality. His general condition remains very good.
  • Dimensions:
    • Height: 18 cm
    • Length: 35cm
    • Depth: 18 cm

Opt for timeless elegance with the Gucci Canvas Sherry Line GG handbag, and let yourself be seduced by its look which perfectly embodies the luxurious spirit of Gucci.

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